Daizy Cooper on Dogfart Network

Carmen Valentina & Daizy Cooper from GloryHole.com


Carmen Valentina & Daizy Cooper

Rating: 9.13

Daizy Cooper and Carmen Valentina made for an odd pair of "besties". Daizy is just 19; Carmen is a married MILF. Daizy is a true slut; Carmen is a "wanna-be". So when Daizy takes Carmen to Daizy's favorite adult bookstore, Carmen's a bit taken back...even though she's dressed like a slut. What Carmen doesn't know is Daizy's about to initiate Carmen in to being a True Black Cock... more

Daizy Cooper & Noemie Bilas from Gloryhole-Initiations.com


Daizy Cooper & Noemie Bilas

Rating: 9.50

Millennials Noemie Bilas and Daizy Cooper are "besties". "BFF's." They do everything together. Whether it's going to school or going shopping or heading to parties or having sex...they're doing it together! Today they decided to do something out of the norm. "Oh my god! Is that a dirty book store?" Daizy squealed, as they were walking by the place. Soon they're browsing and gig... more

Daizy Cooper from WeFuckBlackGirls.com


Daizy Cooper

Rating: 9.26

Daizy Cooper is a self-proclaimed "nerd". She loves reading, she's a gamer, and she loves anything to do with science! And it's a big day in America! A total eclipse of the sun!! Daizy has her whole day planned: she's invited a white boy she's crushing on, and they're going to put on the special glasses and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But there's a problem. Her "frie... more

Carmen Valentina &  Daizy Cooper BTS from BehindTheScenes

GloryHole.com BehindTheScenes

Carmen Valentina & Daizy Cooper BTS

Rating: 9.13

Two of the filthiest girls are about to get down and dirty in a gloryhole. Before the mayhem begins, we spoke to Carmen Valentina about what the significance of the Patriots winning Super Bowl 51 was. Carmen and Dogfart favorite Lauren Phillips promised blowjobs to their social media followers if the Patriots won the Super Bowl. What was the atmosphere like at their massive blowbang enco... more

Daizy Cooper & Noemie Bilas BTS from BehindTheScenes

Gloryhole-Initiations.com BehindTheScenes

Daizy Cooper & Noemie Bilas BTS

Rating: 9.13

Noemie Bilas and Daisy Cooper turned in phenomenal performances over at We Fuck Black Girls, so it was a no-brainer to introduce them to "the hole". We spoke to Daisy while Noemie was in hair and make-up. Has Daizy's family discovered her porn career? And what's going to happen to Daizy once she wraps up her porn career? What does Ms. Cooper think of having sex in an adult bookstore? Ha... more

Daizy Cooper BTS from BehindTheScenes

WeFuckBlackGirls.com BehindTheScenes

Daizy Cooper BTS

Rating: 9.13

There's a really good chance this is the first time you've seen Daizy Cooper. The ebony beauty makes her Dogfart Network debut with barely half a dozen scenes under her belt. What brought Daizy to our studio for an afternoon romp with Chris Strokes? Daizy opens up to us about how she's kept her porn career a secret from her family. Will they be surprised once the cat's out of the bag? Da... more


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