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Running Time: 35:37

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Allie James has it all: The sexy looks, the sexual appetite of a true whore, and a boyfriend who's deep pockets know no bounds. Allie's man has found Shane Diesel via online posting and there's no expense he'll spare to give his woman a great time. Allie's boyfriend came up with the right number in order for a cuckold session to take place. Shane Diesel and Allie James spoke down to the cuckold before turning their sights on each other. Allie's cuckold wore his male chastity device as she worshipped Shane's massive meat. The only thing left was for Allie James to suck on that huge black cock while her cuckold looked on like a good little boy (emphasis on little). Allie's mouth wrapped around as much of Shane's black cock as she could dish out. The cuckold, as is his feminine way, must have wanted to suck on that black cock but Shane is all man. Allie's pussy was next on the order of business and Shane slammed into it like he was trying to prove a point. Allie's cuckold needed a closer view of the penetration. That cuckold got up close to his woman's clit as Shane pulverized her pelvis with his. The juices flowing off her clit was a clear indication that Allie was finally getting fucked in a manner she deserved. As she was bent over , you can see her give the "stare of love" at her boyfriend while Shane's big, black cock was parting her pussy lips. Allie's pussy nearly fell off her body as Shane was showing no mercy on that love hole. Allie's cuckold/boyfriend paid a hefty enough price which guaranteed the opportinity to eat Shane's jizz right off his girlfriend's snatch. He cleaned up very well, but his bank account is now back at 0....much like his personality.

Allie James Member Comments:
royd****: Allie is hot...too bad Shane's NOT!!!
toet****: Near perfect. Not sure how I overlooked this scene. Stellar scenario and acting. Shane is at his best in this one. Allie is cute as all hell and a perfect giggly little white girl laughing at Jimmy's tiny, white pecker. Amazing scene. One of my all-time favorites.
pesk****: Not sure why the cuckold's cock is in a plastic case. Let the cuckold cock free! He should be horny but teased and denied!
Cree****: The cuck needs to cum on her pussy too
MrDF****: absolutely great scene. Allie is so hot. 10/10
left****: i wanna come inside allie
reig****: she's hot just wish there were more anal gangbangs and gapes, this site is to clean and wish I didnt sign for 3 months
puss****: She is a true superwhore! Bring her back all over the network. How bout some gangabngs with dp and double vag? She can handle it for sure.
fuck****: i think these cuckolds need to start sucking on Shane Diesel's big cock!!!
Teen****: But less gay would be good
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