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Riley Reid

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Running Time: 46:20

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Riley Reid's cuckold is ONLY allowed to play with her feet, get treated like a woman and to watch as Riley fucks a real man. Shane Diesel comes in only after Riley's white cuckold has sucked down a black dong and gotten his lips glossed up. Shane's big black meat finds its way into Riley's mouth as the cuckold takes mental notes. The cuckold's self-esteem (as if her had any), gets knocked down several pegs when Shane's meat is compared to contest. A failed attempt at wrapping a MAGNUM condom on Shane can only mean that the cuckold now has an interesting piece of gum to chew on. Riley's mouth takes a brief rest when Shane's monstrosity does its damage to Riley's lady parts. The cuckold,of course, is told that he could never reach the level of manhood that Shane has achieved. Nevertheless, Riley keeps getting plowed by Shane's big black cock until his meat explodes allover her pussy. Guess who has clean up duty.

Riley Reid Member Comments:
royd****: Why do you ruin EVERY fucking cuckold scene with that big ugly monster?? I just skip over them all as soon as I see a picture of that gross deformed dick.
Blak****: totally rockin hot Riley omg ... pls more of her!
hvit****: Such a potential, ruined with this gay version of cockoldry. She's a dirty talker and this could have been the best bbc superiority scene ever.
Whit****: 10/10 scene. nice to see Remy verbally dominating the viewer and not just the cuck as is so often left out with these cuckold sessions scenes. there is obviously some gay/bi stuff going on here which i don't like, but it wasn't too hard to skip those parts in the video. good job dogfart!
zzdo****: Reluctant barebacking.. .Pleeeeeeeeease!
DF2K****: Love Riley but don't get why you want to see any1 else but who she is working with. Waste of a scene.
sant****: This one was a little more like it.
jwil****: fucking nasty little bitch. she needs to take on 5 or 6 nigga dicks in a no holes barred brutal gangbang.
filt****: Riley is such a sexy whore. I'd fuck her raw.
begg****: I want to be Shane's cuck so badly. I love how well he humiliates the husbands. The only way it would be better is if he finally forced the cuck to take his monster cock.
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