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Running Time: 20:13

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Mrs. Jenson's husband might just be the luckiest guy in the. Mr. Jenson is married to a huge slut that cruises the outside world for anonymous black cock. Alura's out in an adult bookstore and talking her husband through the various interracial porn titles. The time finally comes for Alura to play with that all elusive big black cock. Unfortunately Alura's new black toy is still wrapped up courtesy of a condom. That just wont'd do. Alura Jenson wants it bareback and that condom eventually comes off that huge anonymous black cock. Alura's tits get rubbed while she scarfs down on an extremely lucky black stranger. That enormous white ass lifts up against the filthy wall and gives that anonymous black cock the ride of its life. Alura's milk jugs bounce and nearly knock her out while that married fuck hole gets what her husband can never, ever provide. Mr. Jenson keeps tabs on his wife and for good reason: She's about to drain that big black cock of all its nutrients. The question has to be asked: Does Alura Jenson have a sister?

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