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Julie Cash

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Running Time: 23:10

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It's been too long since this gas station has seen a customer the likes of Julie Cash. The cashier jockey must have lost his mind when Julie Cash and her enormous tits came to his place of business. However, the only nozzle that would be in her cards would eventually be a big, black cock. Julie's eyes immediately lock in on the graffiti that has plagued this stall for quite a while. The hole in the wall is soon going to change her world. First, Julie's going to use the privacy of the stall to gush out some mind-blowing orgasms, courtesy of her freshly manicured hands. Aparently the gash station attendant tipped off a black customer as to who was currently in the restroom. Julie Cash soon comes to realize the purpose of the gloryhole and an anonymous black cock risks injury in order to get its rocks off. Julie's breathing gets heavier as she drops to her knees to inspect this big, black dick. That salivating mouth quickly sucks on the black stranger's massive appendage as her free hands really get her juices flowing. What's next on the menu? Julie Cash makes every second count by dropping that ass against the wall until her womanly parts are completely penetrated by a huge black cock. Julie's hands pinch her tits as she gets fucked doggy style by the luckiest wall to ever get erected. The only thing left for Julie to do is drain as much seminal fluid as that black cock can spray out.

Julie Cash Member Comments:
royd****: ...actually, that wall may be protecting Skeeter to some extent, she looks like she could cause some damage, herself!! Yikes!!
royd****: This bitch is so freakishly huge she actually dwarfs Skeeter's giant dick, but she sure as Hell knows what she's doing...not too bad, but it's always good to see his big dick from the other side of a wall where he can't hurt (gag) the
dei3****: Holy shit talk about a good one to WHACK OFF to. I can't get enough of this BITCH. That black monstermeat ...Shit i'd suck it!!!!!!!!!!!!
pawg****: Bring back Serina (Heather Summers.)
dink****: For a thick one she is sexy as a motherfucker. love her fat pussy lips
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