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Sophia Fiore

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Running Time: 17:41

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A public restroom should be the absolute LAST place where any sexual encounter takes place. However, things are never as they really appear and Sophia Fiore is moments away from finding that this stall has a dual use. Sophia's a tall drink of water and she's in the part of the city where gun shops outnumber schools. Sophia's need to use the restroom finds her face-to-cock with a gutsy white boy who's testing Sophia's limits. The catch? Sophia's calling the anonymous white boy's bluff by getting on her knees and sucking each inch he has to offer. Sophia's strong legs keep her lifted off the vile and filthy bathroom floor. Speaking of filthy, Sophia lets that crazy cracker go R-A-W in her black pussy. The potential of getting caught takes a back seat to the possibility of Sophia having to tell her kid one day that he or she was conceived via gloryhole. She finishes her bathroom break by taking a tidal wive of white gunk all over her face, and Sophia realizes that she's done something that's just out of the ordinary.

Sophia Fiore Member Comments:
eatb****: Like those high heeled sandals and how they make her feet look and how they affect her poses
kitt****: I like all kinds of colors, but IR dose not mean black and white, lets get Asians and Latinas or anyone who won't dodge a nut!
This chic has nice tits!!
ok4f****: Very stunning Black girl (we come in all colors you know). However, aw, aw ,aw a cum dodger! Can't have that.........!
dpLa****: STUNNING girl, DP Pound her NeXT time.
wm_b****: african girls with dark skin please
sapl****: Agreed, more gloryhole creampies
spri****: Very different. I thought shs was white. She di d well.
ORGA****: Agreed Masson ! seems everything is just Vanilla ?
mass****: Why did the cream pies stop? This scene would have been much improved with one!
BUDD****: A small dick for a Big Chick...Priceless!!!!!
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