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White people never stop amazing me. They just have to air their dirty laundry to some Dr. and pay for it as well. However, I'm always game to ram my black flagpole deep inside some white pussy even if that means her dad has to watch. I was brought into a session by Dr. Harvard in order to remedy an ongoing conflict between Amber Rayne and her father. It looks as if her old man has some problems with her hanging around my people and that's driving him up the wall. I could see that to fix this problem I'd have to lay the pipe in her as he watched so he could see that his baby was in gentle black hands. His face was in his palms as her face was sucking my thick black dick, each and every one of my 12 inches. He looked as if he wanted to put a bullet in my head while his little angel's bare pussy went up and down as my balls kept slapping against her wet and throbbing clit. I usually fuck these white girls when their parents aren't home but never in front of them! I woudn't be done until her asshole gaped wide enough for me to house my black dick. It was so warm in her ass that shooting my goo inside was the cherry on top.

Amber Rayne Member Comments:
need****: Good lord I love Amber Rayne! And what a voice I might add.
skal****: Amber is so cute!!!!! Funny too!!! Really enjoyed this!!!!! A great piece of art!!!!! Terrific cock!!!! Cock to Ass, Ass to Cock was great!!!
ngts****: Love the big black cock in her ass
hdda****: She's the old guys older sister right?
unkl****: Singing while a big black dick is up her ass... a definite 10 !
papa****: anal...yuck
tort****: gotta love a filthy dirty twisted slut.
luvb****: She's such a nice whore
pupi****: Only a true racist with black penis envy would make stupid comments on this site. little wee-nee having racist bastards. So glad that DOGFART takes your money and causes you PAIN!
lone****: for u assholes that r raist why the fuck would u order this anyway stupid assholes
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