Alura Jenson on Dogfart Network

Alura Jenson from

Alura Jenson

Rating: 9.49

Women weaken legs. Just ask anyone who trains boxers...or Alura "TNT" Jenson! She's part of a secret mission to take down welterweight Ray Black as he prepares for his fight with Kid Vanilla!! Sure, Alura will come into Ray's training camp to interview Ray "for a magazine"; however, Alura is there to drain everyone's energy -- and their balls! Alura doesn't care if there's 2 me... more

Alura Jenson & Dee Williams from

Alura Jenson & Dee Williams

Rating: 9.54

If you've never heard of Mookie Jordan, you're about to. He's one of the greatest wide receivers his state has ever produced, and some say he might not even finish college to go pro. Mookie has a problem, though, and she might stand in his way of football stardom: his girlfriend, Shonda. Coaches are aware she messes with Mookie's head, so they've asked two of the athletic progr... more

Alura Jenson and Piper Perri from

Alura Jenson and Piper Perri

Rating: 9.52

If you're the child of divorced parents, you know how mom and dad try to "one-up" each other on the gifts and experiences you receive. Take Piper Perri, for example. A few months ago, her father paid for a recording session at a professional studio in order to further her music career. Once Mom caught wind of this, she decided to pay for some new "ink". Once inside the tattoo p... more

Alura Jenson from

Alura Jenson

Rating: 9.59

Alura Jenson is sexually unsatisfied. Hubby's a workaholic, and when he is home, he's still at work. This leaves Alura to lounge around the pool all day, usually tanning topless. She loves sitting in the backyard, half-naked, in plain view of the neighbors...or the workmen Hubby hires to maintain the property and the pool. Hubby's at a convention across the country, and Alura k... more

Alura Jenson from

Alura Jenson

Rating: 9.12

Mrs. Jenson's husband might just be the luckiest guy in the. Mr. Jenson is married to a huge slut that cruises the outside world for anonymous black cock. Alura's out in an adult bookstore and talking her husband through the various interracial porn titles. The time finally comes for Alura to play with that all elusive big black cock. Unfortunately Alura's new black toy is stil... more

Alura Jenson from

Alura Jenson

Rating: 8.73

We're bringing you THE Milf of all Milfs-Alura Jenson. Alura is 44-30-44 and nothing gets her juices flowing like a big black cock. Alura's only using her 8.5 size feet to keep that big black cock hard and, so far,it's mission accomplished. The busty, blonde cougar gets her gorgeous feet fucked by Jon Jon's huge slab of black porn. Her toes?Worshiped. Those arches? Completely f... more

Alura Jenson BTS from BehindTheScenes

Alura Jenson BTS

Rating: 9.13

Welcome back to the Dogfart Behind the Scenes segment, where director Billy Watson sits down with his actresses (and sometimes actors) immediately before they roll camera! Today's guest is none other than Alura "TNT" Jenson, who's making her sixth return to the network! Alura's a strong, independent "coog" who loves being in control! Alura loves dominating men, and would kick Billy Watso... more

Alura Jenson & Dee Williams BTS from BehindTheScenes

Alura Jenson & Dee Williams BTS

Rating: 10.00

She might just be the dirtiest cougar we've ever shot. Alura "T 'n T" Jenson returns to the Dogfart Network to have some interracial fun with Dee Williams and Mookie Jordan. How did Alura "accidentally " get into adult video? And which famous, busty performer was instrumental in her getting into the adult film industry? Alura talks about why she sees herself remaining in porn for the ne... more

Alura Jenson & Piper Perri BTS from BehindTheScenes

Alura Jenson & Piper Perri BTS

Rating: 9.60

We have both Piper Perri and Alura Jenson back at the Dogfart Netowrk, and for Piper, it's her first scene with Mandingo. Piper discusses being nervous about being doubtful on whether she can take that big, black dick in her fuck box. The "spinner " talks about her height and how no guys are really shorter than her. Piper also discusses the "sexism" she faced while working in the restau... more

Alura Jenson BTS from BehindTheScenes

Alura Jenson BTS

Rating: 9.10

We're behind the scenes today for Alura Jenson's scene for Blacks On Cougars. We see Alura getting her asshole ready for Mandingo, as she talks about being recently divorced and how she also fucks her fans. Alura also talks about wanting to do a Dogfart scene for the last few years, and how she feels she'll reach the next level by doing it. Alura has no doubt that her ass can take Mandin... more

Alura Jenson BTS from BehindTheScenes

Alura Jenson BTS

Rating: 9.56

Alura Jenson's married to a bad bitch. Alura Jenson's trip to a glory hole wouldn't be complete without some chit chat about her marriage, awful porn chicks and more. Alura must have spoke about other topics but I can;t remember....those tits made me lose concentration.... more

Alura Jenson BTS from BehindTheScenes

Alura Jenson BTS

Rating: 9.08

You gotta forgive me for hitting on Alura Jenson. She's a busty milf that , according to her, loves sex and got into the business for just that reason. We've found a cougar that loves using her feet to manipulate big, black cock and we've hit the jackpot with this one. Alura talks about herself while getting ready and ignoring the advances of the Minion.... more


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