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Brooklyn Chase, Ana Foxxx & Skyler Nicole from

Brooklyn Chase, Ana Foxxx & Skyler Nicole

Rating: 9.03

Management versus Labor. It's an age-old struggle, and this update is just another example. Brooklyn Chase is the CEO of an extremely successful sale company. Ana Foxxx and Skyler Nicole are two of her top producers...but there's a problem. Lately, sales have been slacking, so Ms. Chase arranges a special meeting. She's there to whip Ms. Foxxx and Ms. Nicole into shape. No more... more

Ana Foxxx & Alexa Grace from

Ana Foxxx & Alexa Grace

Rating: 9.20

Ana Foxxx and her Hubby run a hustle...and Alexa Grace needs a job. It's a simple hustle, too: advertise you need a "housekeeper", put the ads online, and wait for the ladies to answer. It all seems legit, but when the potential housekeeper -- in this case, Alexa Grace -- goes into the bedroom to try on the "required uniform", Ana and Hubby know they've "caught" another white g... more

Samantha Rone, Ana Foxxx, Chanell Heart from

Samantha Rone, Ana Foxxx, Chanell Heart

Rating: 8.52

If you were ever involved with the Greek system during your college years, you know about hazing. In fact, almost all clubs and organizations have some sort of hazing ritual, from mild to severe. The women of Pi Delta Pi -- led by President Ana Foxxx and Secretary Chanell Heart -- love to haze the pledges...and the pledge they have had their eyes on for some time is incoming fr... more

Ana Foxxx from

Ana Foxxx

Rating: 9.23

What you're about to witness may be one of the strongest scenes in the entire Dogfart library. We mean that. It starts with smoking-hot ebony babe Ana Foxxx, who might be the heir apparent to the great line of black female porn starts that started with Vanessa Blue and continued on with Jada Fire and Misty Stone. Forget the label "black porn star", because just like Vanessa and... more

Ana Foxxx and Scarlet Red from

Ana Foxxx and Scarlet Red

Rating: 8.60

Volleyball practice has ended , but the fun times certainly haven't for Ana Foxxx and Scarlet Red. A late evening for both ladies eventually ends up in the bedroom where Scarlet Red is on Ana's menu. The Hitachi gets broken out and this girl-on-girl interracial lickfest goes to the next level. Ana's beautiful tongue gets Scarlett's juices nearly covering an extremely lucky bed.... more

Ana Foxxx from

Ana Foxxx

Rating: 8.94

Ana Foxx is Ramon's tutor for English. Since he's from Spain, he doesn't quite grasp the English language. The lesson goes from confusing to complete bedlam when Erik shows up to take Ramon to a baseball game-complete male bonding. Ana's anger quickly subsides when both white guys exchange America's fast pastime for some amazing black pussy. Ana's still on the clock as she gets... more

Ana Foxxx from

Ana Foxxx

Rating: 7.27

Ana Foxxx and her boyfriend are trying to score some good shit for an upcoming party; however, her boyfriend is as useless and good for nothing as a guy can possibly be. Criss Strokes is Dr.Feelgood and he's willing to exchange something else since Ana's boyfriend doesn't have his wallet. We take things inside where Ana demonstrates her love for the white man's huge cock by suc... more

Rachel Rose from

Rachel Rose

Rating: 9.04

It appears as if customer service ain't what it used to be. Rachel Rose is livid that her laptop has ceased to work. Ana Foxx is in charge- or so it seems- of making sure the customer is always satisfied and Rachel Rose is fit to be tied. Rachel's complaint finally reaches Charlie Mac and he's not too happy about the situation. However, in this market Rachel Rose realizes that ... more

Ana Foxxx from

Ana Foxxx

Rating: 9.17

Ana Foxx is no stranger to glory holes. An adult bookstore is where we find Ana Foxx and she's browsing the vast array of interracial porn. Ana enters the video booth and is met with images of another white cock slut. Ana's had enough of the teasing, and she finds herself sucking on an anonymous white stranger. However, it appears as if a black stranger wants some of Ana's mout... more

Ana Foxxx from

Ana Foxxx

Rating: 9.26

Civil liberties are fading away at a rapid pace. Ana Foxxx is enjoying a quiet aftenoon with her boyfriend when they're both served legal papers. Apparently the new Governor has signed a bill into law that requires black females to get Cumbanged by white guys ONLY if they're currently in an interracial relation. Ana-being so in love with her man- will do whatever it takes to ge... more

Ana Foxxx from

Ana Foxxx

Rating: 9.25

Ana Foxxx has always hit the books instead of being the slut she truly is. Ana's no longer a bookworm and she's now a certified white cock slut. The bottled water she recently had is now wanting to escape via her black pussy. The only restroom in sight is this public one and it won't be only urine that stains the floor. Once inside, Ana Foxxx gets naked in order to use the comp... more

Brooklyn Chase, Ana Foxxx &  Skyler Nicole from BehindTheScenes

Brooklyn Chase, Ana Foxxx & Skyler Nicole

Rating: 10.00

Brooklyn Chase. Ana Foxx. Skyler Nicole. We have the perfect recipe for an amazing interracial lesbian free-for-all! Ms. Nicole is first up, and we discuss what makes her "extremely dirty." It turns out the ebony beauty hits up dating apps looking for random dick! What's her favorite method of banging non-porn guys? Do they ever recognize her from the various porn scenes she's performed?... more

Ana Foxxx & Alexa Grace BTS from BehindTheScenes

Ana Foxxx & Alexa Grace BTS

Rating: 9.80

Ana Foxxx has been doing dirty, filthy things on camera for the past six years! Is there any stopping her now? The ebony beauty returns to the Dogfart Network to pump out an amazing boy/girl/girl interracial scene with Alexa Grace and Isiah Maxwell. While Alexa's getting dolled up, Ms. Foxxx talks about how she's changed from the sweet girl you first met back in 2012. What did her sex li... more

Samantha Rone Ana Foxxx Chanell Heart BTS from BehindTheScenes

Samantha Rone Ana Foxxx Chanell Heart BTS

Rating: 9.17

While Samantha Rone is in makeup, we find Chanell Heart and Ana Foxxx talking about their bad luck with men. Chanell talks about the last three guys she's been with and why she has trouble with love in the adult film industry. Ana Foxxx chimes in with her advice and it's not too long before both are twerking those big, beautiful black asses. Both ladies are excited for today's interracia... more

Ana Foxxx BTS from BehindTheScenes

Ana Foxxx BTS

Rating: 9.67

Take a step behind the curtains today as the beautiful Ana Foxxx lets us watch her prepare for her first ever B/B/G anal scene! Between taking pictures and shooting video, Ana talks about her recent mainstream success with the film " Tangerine". And after the scene Ana and her co-stars -- Erik Everhard and James Deen -- talk about how great the scene was... and then Ana and Erik goof on... more

Ana Foxxx Scarlet Red BTS from BehindTheScenes

Ana Foxxx Scarlet Red BTS

Rating: 9.11

Ana Foxxx is Scarlet Red's first ever black chick. Don't believe us? Watch and listen as we get both ladies before and after another amazing scene here at Dogfart from Ana Foxxx. And a stellar debut from Scarlet Red. ... more

Ana Foxxx BTS from BehindTheScenes

Ana Foxxx BTS

Rating: 9.43

A candid interview with Ana Foxxx sees her talking about getting into porn, how she's able to star relevant....and more. The white cock slut had no problems opening up to us right before she got a double dose of cock. ... more

Ana Foxxx BTS from BehindTheScenes

Ana Foxxx BTS

Rating: 9.86

Ana Foxx and a new guy to porn sat with us before she shot for our new site. The black cuckold talks about his recent firing from ajob prior to getting into this whacky business. We also caught up with Ana in the shower after Criss Strokes showed her the power of white dick.... more

Rachel Rose BTS from BehindTheScenes

Rachel Rose BTS

Rating: 9.54

We spoke to all three performers before AND after the shoot. What did we learn? We learned that Ana Foxxx and Rachel Rose couldn't keep their hands off each other as the visual teased Charlie Mac.....and everyone at home watching.... more

Ana Foxxx BTS from BehindTheScenes

Ana Foxxx BTS

Rating: 9.29

Ana Foxx can have a career in porno play-by-play judging on what she describes in the gloryhole. Ana talks about the time someone "accidentally" slipped their cock inside her ass. Ana is definitely "wife material."... more

Ana Foxxx BTS from BehindTheScenes

Ana Foxxx BTS

Rating: 9.55

We got ahold of Ana Foxxx before AND after her gangbang with nearly a dozen white boys. There wasn't enough water from the shower that could wash off all the jizz that was now stuck to her pretty black face.... more

Ana Foxxx BTS from BehindTheScenes

Ana Foxxx BTS

Rating: 8.63

Ana Foxxx is so hot that we almost dropped the idea of going to the glory hole so we could have her to ourselves. Ana Foxxx got her first white cock and spent some time with us before the mayhem.... more


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