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Avril Sun from BlacksOnBlondes.com


Avril Sun

Rating: 9.34

Avril Sun's experience with American culture has been limited to Hollywood cinema. We've changed that by having Avril take on the legendary Mandingo, just so we could see her tiny body accommodate as much of that big black cock as humanly possible. There's something to be said about a whore-with limited english skills- that's now face-to-face with a black cock that's 1/4 her bo... more

Avril Sun from GloryHole.com


Avril Sun

Rating: 9.34

We don;t know how to saw "Gloryhole" in Hungarian but we havign a feeling that Avril Sun does. Avril's trip to America has included many famous landmarks but none the caliber of this gloryhole. Avril only knows that this place has some amazing interracial porn and the devil inside her can't resist going inside. The filthy walls and obvious stench would make most people not thin... more

Avril Sun from BlackMeatWhiteFeet.com


Avril Sun

Rating: 8.73

I know you American boys love my feet. My feet were just cleaned and toenails painted. I start the fun off by licking my high heels right before a big black cock decides to join the party. Jason Brown came in and jammed all my little toes in his mouth, that was more than enough to get me all wet. Tease his big black cock? Of course I did! I massages his big black cock while it ... more

Avril Sun BTS from BehindTheScenes

BlacksOnBlondes.com BehindTheScenes

Avril Sun BTS

Rating: 9.43

Avril Sun's passport can now be stamped with "Compton" or any other city where huge black cock reside. Avril's trip to the good ol' U.S.A wouldn't be complete with a sampling of South Central sauce. Enjoy the festivities that went down before Avril Sun's pussy was put through the test with some big black dick.... more

Avril Sun BTS from BehindTheScenes

GloryHole.com BehindTheScenes

Avril Sun BTS

Rating: 10.00

After talking to Avril Sun we were adamant about getting a ticket to Hungary. Avril goes into great detail about the crazy shit that goes down in Hungarian strip clubs. Apparently. there can be sex in the champagne room. ... more

Avril Sun from BehindTheScenes

BlackMeatWhiteFeet.com BehindTheScenes

Avril Sun

Rating: 8.75

The language barrier between Avril and us didn't matter since there was black cock in the house, and that's universal. We spoke to Avril right before she gave the mother-of-all interracial footjobs.... more


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