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Carolina Sweets from

Carolina Sweets

Rating: 9.41

We think it's safe to call Carolina Sweets a "life coach" who works with people who come to her studio on things like yoga, mediation, mindfulness...anything to help people deal with the always-stressful world around them. Today, she's got a class of five gentlemen, and deep inside, Carolina is very, very excited. She's always been attracted to black men...and if you were a cl... more

Daizy Cooper & Carolina Sweets from

Daizy Cooper & Carolina Sweets

Rating: 8.77

A hot, black couple. A white girl who's constantly wondering if it's "normal" for her sweet boyfriend to have a 3-inch dick and erectile dysfunction. Meet Daizy Cooper and Carolina Sweets. They work at a local brew pub. They've been co-workers for a while now, which means they share secrets...secrets like, "oh my gosh my boyfriend only lasted a couple minutes last night" and "... more

Carolina Sweets from

Carolina Sweets

Rating: 9.21

Carolina Sweets has a couple problems. First is her "man", Timmy. He's really not a man if his dick is small and he's a "two-pump chump", right? Carolina's second problem is her obsession with her father's best friend. Carolina can't stop thinking about him! He's a Black Bull who's dominated her fantasies, and he's on his way over to play golf with her dad! What Carolina isn't ... more

Carolina Sweets BTS from BehindTheScenes

Carolina Sweets BTS

Rating: 8.00

You saw her go one-on-one with Prince Yashua. You sat ringside as "Cheatin'" Carolina Sweets put her cuckold in his place. And now we're bringing the blonde beauty back for a third time! While lounging around on set prior to her first interracial gang bang, Miss Sweets fields some questions from her co-stars: what type of sex does she like? How much dick can she take? But one question is... more

Carolina Sweets & Daizy Cooper BTS from BehindTheScenes

Carolina Sweets & Daizy Cooper BTS

Rating: 10.00

Daizy Cooper is as spunky as they come. She's a stripper and porn star. We have Daizy meet co-star, Fluffy, while her other co-star, Carolina Sweets, gets the finishing touches on her makeup. Daizy hops all over cuckold Fluffy while talking about the stripper lifestyle. Are there patrons who are extremely cheap? What does Daizy's hustle look like when she's trying to get a guy to spend h... more

Carolina Sweets BTS from BehindTheScenes

Carolina Sweets BTS

Rating: 9.75

After three years in the business, Carolina Sweets is finally making her Dogfart Network debut. What’s going through her mind prior to her scene with Prince Yahshua? We’re poolside with the self-proclaimed “super slut” and toss several questions her way: at what point did she make the decision to start doing cam shows? And how did that segue into a career in adult video? Carolina... more


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All models were over the age of 18 at the time of filming.

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