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Aaliyah Love and Cherie DeVille from

Aaliyah Love and Cherie DeVille

Rating: 9.48

Aaliyah Love loves Cherie DeVille. And Cherie loves Aaliyah! Just look at those two -- lezzing off like the two horny sluts they are! Aaliyah and Cherie love making each other feel good, whether that means sucking on titty or clits or assholes! Nothing is off-limits when Aaliyah and Cherie hook up! Oh...and look what Cherie's arranged! In the middle of their Lezzfest, and unbek... more

Cherie DeVille from

Cherie DeVille

Rating: 9.19

Cherie DeVille is making a run for the White House in 2020 -- no joke -- and her campaign starts today! She's reached out to her old friend, Sean Michaels, in order to gather up volunteers to help canvass for her! DeVille 2020! Cherie's going to try to get on the Democratic ticket, but she might just run as an Independent. She's pro-choice, pro-immigration, pro-veteran rights, ... more

Cherie DeVille & Abella Danger from

Cherie DeVille & Abella Danger

Rating: 9.42

Sometimes, there isn't a storyline. Or a plot. Or dialogue. When you have three of the best performers in the game, all you need is a hard slap across the tit, another firm slap across the face, and some hot, girl-on-girl action, in order to get the scene rolling. From there, it's non-stop action until the Bull unloads. Enter Abella Danger and Cherie DeVille. They love to fuck ... more

Cherie DeVille & Liza Rowe from

Cherie DeVille & Liza Rowe

Rating: 8.21

Poor little Nate. Just look at him. He's heartbroken...and for good reason. He caught his girlfriend with a black dude. At first, mommy tried to console him, but it's been a whole week and Nate still doesn't get it. "Why would she cheat on me, mom? I'm a smart guy and I'm in college!" So mommy is going to show a little "tough love" and teach Nate the ways of the world. She's en... more

Cherie DeVille from

Cherie DeVille

Rating: 7.41

Cherie DeVille is a world-class cuckoldress. While Hubby is out of town on business, not only does she have her personal cuckold over to play...but her well-endowed Bull decided to swing by for a piece of Cherie Pie. First, watch Mrs. DeVille run her whiteboi cuckold through the wringer: his chastity belt is secured, and in addition to the humiliation, he'll get some much-neede... more

Cherie DeVille from

Cherie DeVille

Rating: 9.43

If your wife is bored and horny, better watch it! She's probably just like Cherie DeVille. Just take a look at Cherie's behavior. She starts off by lying to Hubby about her exact whereabouts. Instead of grabbing a bite to eat with "the girls", she's at an adult bookstore, renting some DVD's and a "preview booth" for a half hour. What goes on in these booths? Certainly nothing t... more

Cherie DeVille from

Cherie DeVille

Rating: 9.54

There's plenty of underground, illegal gambling parlors in Southern California, and there's a man named Mr. Kelly who runs the majority of them. Craps is the one game a gambler actually has a chance at winning; in fact, it's got the best odds for the player. Cherie DeVille is one of Mr. Kelly's best dealers, but today the gamblers are winning. Big. So much so, Cherie's out of c... more

Megyn Gets Trumped from

Megyn Gets Trumped

Rating: 7.55

Unless you've been living on another planet since last week's first GOP debate, then you'll know all about "The Donald" and the debate's moderator, "Megyn". Gotta love Donald, shit talkin' women like it's going out of style, and when Megyn calls him out on the bad behavior, Donald does his best to look good on camera. What no one saw is what you're about to see: post-debate, i... more

Aaliyah Love Cherie Deville BTS from BehindTheScenes

Aaliyah Love Cherie Deville BTS

Rating: 9.13

We are not sex educators! Nor are we sex therapists or counselors! Welcome to another episode of the Dogfart Network's "Behind the Scenes"! Today longtime Dogfart director Billy Watson sits down with all four of today's scene partners, Aaliyah Love, Cherie DeVille, Isiah Maxwell, and Jax Slayher, where they all make one thing very clear: porno isn't supposed to teach anyone anything! But... more

Cherie Deville BTS from BehindTheScenes

Cherie Deville BTS

Rating: 9.86

There's a good chance you'll see Cherie Deville's name on the 2020 presidential ballot! No joke. Ms. Deville is going to make a run for the White House, and her race starts today! The super cougar, known for her hardcore porn scenes, hopes to give the current administration a run for the money. However, a candidate must have the knowledge of how they plan on tackling the tough issues fac... more

Abella Danger & Cherie Deville BTS from BehindTheScenes

Abella Danger & Cherie Deville BTS

Rating: 9.00

Abella Danger and Cherie Deville have never shared a black cock -- until today! Before Prince Yashua was given unrestricted access to all their holes, Cherie DeVille and Abella Danger take control of today's behind-the-scenes shooting. Both performers, while wearing their Dogfart shirts, discuss a plethora of topics. What does each girl think of other performers who ask for online donati... more

Cherie Deville & Liza Rowe BTS from BehindTheScenes

Cherie Deville & Liza Rowe BTS

Rating: 9.67

Cherie Deville returns to the Dogfart Network for a milestone return-- she's ready to give up that ass for a big, black dick. We talk to Cherie Deville about how she feels about viewers who search tube sites for her content. How does she react when a Twitter follower sends her a link to stolen content? We switch gears to the recent Vice special that features her and the Dogfart Network f... more

Cherie DeVille BTS from BehindTheScenes

Cherie DeVille BTS

Rating: 9.50

Fresh off the heels of her scene for GloryHole,com, Cherie DeVille is back for a different type of interracial scene. The blond MILF is back to dominate a cuckold while getting fucked by her Bull. We find out that prior to entering adult video, Cherie DeVille was a physical therapist that worked with several well-known athletes. We also discover that she "kept it professional" and never ... more

Cherie Deville BTS from BehindTheScenes

Cherie Deville BTS

Rating: 9.29

Cherie Deville cames back to the Dogfart Network after two highly rated scenes over at Cherie speaks about the notoriety she received from doing the Donald Trump porn parody where she portrayed Megyn Kelly. We then switch gears to her giving us her first ever interracial gangbang. The tweets were extremely positive for Cherie Deville's interracial scenes here at Dogf... more

Cherie Deville BTS from BehindTheScenes

Cherie Deville BTS

Rating: 9.53

Description: Cherie Deville's first IR gang bang is about to go down, and to say she's excited is an understatement. We open BTS in the bathroom as Cherie's getting ready to take on five black cocks for this afternoon's festivities. Cherie talks about her reasons for getting into porn and why she's managed to last as long as she has. We follow Cherie from the bathroom to the patio where ... more

Megyn Gets Trumped BTS from BehindTheScenes

Megyn Gets Trumped BTS

Rating: 9.93

Step behind the scenes for Dogfart's Donald Trump parody, starring Cherie Deville as "Megan", James Bartholet as "The Donald", with Rico Strong and Prince Yashua as Donald's "Bulls". This is sexy cougar Cherie DeVille's Dogfart debut, and you're going to be surprised at her intellect and how well she knows American politics. There was mainstream news on set for the big day, too! That was... more


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