Chloe Scott on Dogfart Network

Chloe Scott & Sizi Sev from

Chloe Scott & Sizi Sev

Rating: 8.10

Look at Chloe Scott and Sizi Sev! Typical Millennials! Sitting next to each other, staring into their cellphones...not saying a word. They're obsessed with their phones, working all the popular apps. Chat apps. Dating apps. Picture apps. The works. While Sizi is looking at pictures, Chloe is chatting with a fellah named Vonte. She finally breaks the silence. "OMG," Chloe chirps... more

Chloe Scott from

Chloe Scott

Rating: 9.21

Chloe Scott has a problem: her boyfriend, Aaron. He's a nice guy and all. Has a good job. Treats Chloe nicely. The issue? He's not very big "down there", and he's a premature ejaculator. Flash Brown has a problem: his fiancé. She's a nice lady. Has a good job. Treats Flash nicely. The issue? She's insanely jealous. Flash can't go anywhere without her, and if he does, she's blo... more

Chloe Scott & Sizi Sev BTS from BehindTheScenes

Chloe Scott & Sizi Sev BTS

Rating: 10.00

Chloe Scott returns to the Dogfart Network to partake in her first lesbian scene. What's running through Chloe's mind prior to taking a huge strap-on courtesy of Sizi Sev? Chloe tells an interesting story about the first time she got down and dirty with another girl! Sizi jumps in and begins twerking, while Chloe Scott discusses how this is her first girl/girl scene -- interracial, no le... more

Chloe Scott BTS from BehindTheScenes

Chloe Scott BTS

Rating: 9.83

Social media fans went crazy over the possibility of Chloe Scott making her Dogfart Network debut -- and it finally happened! With just under nine months in the industry, Chloe Scott brings her sexual arsenal to our network. How was Chloe paying the bills this same time last year? Ms. Scott talks about what brought her to having sex under hot lights. How was her ex-boyfriend a factor in... more


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All models were over the age of 18 at the time of filming.

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