Gina Valentina on Dogfart Network

Alexis Fawx & Gina Valentina from

Alexis Fawx & Gina Valentina

Rating: 8.59

They make for unusual friends, but Gina Valentina and Alexis Fawx have been "besties" for quite some time! Why unusual? start, Gina is just 20, and...well, let's say Alexis is a "cougar". Gina's also "wild", and...well, let's say Alexis is a little conservative side. Gina? Single and loves to mingle! Alexis? Married for quite some time...and kinda over Hubby's small w... more

Gina Valentina from

Gina Valentina

Rating: 9.38

The new Dogfart Social Club is in full swing. Sure, it's in a secret location, and as you can see, membership is highly selective. The entertainment on any given day is a black cock slut, and today's "BCS" happens to be one of the hottest we've laid our eyes on in quite some time -- Gina Valentina. Gina's a sexy Latina, and she's such a slut for black cock, she's here to entert... more

Gina Valentina from

Gina Valentina

Rating: 8.08

Gina Valentina has a Cuckold Sugar Daddy! It's the best of both worlds! BBC and money! Gina loves turning Sugar Daddy Cuckold into a Pay Piggie, and she drains his wallet all the time: shopping, nights out with the girls, bills, and taking her Bulls out to shop and have nice dinners as well! She even uses his place to fuck her Bulls, which, of course, Sugar Daddy Cuckold knows.... more

Gina Valentina from

Gina Valentina

Rating: 9.49

She's a cheater. She's a Size Queen. She's a petite hottie. She's Brazilian. She's Gina Valentina, and she's making her debut on the Dogfart Network today with the one-and-only Mandingo! Everything we've just mentioned is absolutely true. Gina's always struggled with monogamy, especially with small-dicked boyfriends. Even though she's tiny, Gina loves them big. The bigger the b... more

Alexis Fawx & Gina Valentina BTS from BehindTheScenes

Alexis Fawx & Gina Valentina BTS

Rating: 8.57

What goes through the minds of two of the biggest sluts prior to an engagement with a glory hole?!? Please welcome back Gina Valentina and Alexis Fawx to the Dogfart Network! Both ladies seem to ignore the cameraman's line of questioning in favor of some girl-on-got action. Alexis tells Gina about her habit of masturbating while driving. Did Gina Valentina have a story to top that one? ... more

InterracialBlowbang Bts Gina Valentina from BehindTheScenes

InterracialBlowbang Bts Gina Valentina

Rating: 9.56

Gina Valentina is ready to take on over a dozen black cocks for the Dogfart Network. While talking to the filthy Latina, we come to find out that she's a huge fan of fucking married men. Or engaged men. Or men who are in a serious relationship. Bottom line: if you're wagon is hitched to someone else, Gina Valentina will find a way for you to get in her pants. She tells a great story of n... more

Gina Valentina BTS from BehindTheScenes

Gina Valentina BTS

Rating: 9.10

Last time you saw Gina Valentina, she was getting dicked down by Mandingo. What better way to bring her back to the Dogfart Network than having her do a cuckold session? We spoke to the fiery Latina about whether or not she feels she can verbally dominate today's cuck. Does she have it in her? We also question her on whether or not her followers on social media request that she humiliate... more

Gina Valentina BTS from BehindTheScenes

Gina Valentina BTS

Rating: 9.55

What better way for a slut to make her Dogfart Network debut than going one-on-one with Mandingo? We spoke to the sexy, slutty Brazilian about what brought her into the world of adult video. In fact, one motivating factor was the man who, um, was packing less than average in the meat department. She opens up about her cheating ways and why she can't seem to be faithful. There's another ... more


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