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Jada Fire & Bonnie Hart from ZebraGirls.com


Jada Fire & Bonnie Hart

Rating: 8.21

I needed some black dick in a major way. My girlfriends told me about blacksonblondes.com and the massive black dicks that they showcase fucking white holes. I don't think I could handle all those inches but the next best thing was having another female there to break me in slowly. Her name is Jada Fire and she has gigantic black tits with a dominatrix mentality to match. She t... more

Jada Fire & Tory Lane from ZebraGirls.com


Jada Fire & Tory Lane

Rating: 8.34

Tonight, I have a date with a big tittied white girl by the name of Tory Lane. She's minutes away but I'm going to give you a show first. I'm spreading my black lips apart and watch as my black tits are unleashed from a bikini top that is working overtime. Let me bend over so you can see my black snatch which gets wet at the mere thought of having a playdate with white pussy. T... more

Jada Fire & Lena Juliette from ZebraGirls.com


Jada Fire & Lena Juliette

Rating: 8.45

Lena Juliette likes black girls but today she's gonna loved my black ass. I knew in the first 2 minutes that she'd be a submissive slut for black pussy. Her mouth stretched like a bass while my black strap on showed her absolutely no mercy. Take a look at my floor and you can see where her drool was landing while her mouth was full of black dong. Our little interracial escapade... more

Jada Fire & Kaylynn from ZebraGirls.com


Jada Fire & Kaylynn

Rating: 8.41

Kaylnn is is every black girl's worst nightmare. She's white, pretty, and ONLY fucks black men. I'm taking one for the team by breaking her into the world of black pussy. First, she had to show me she could take my toy as far down as possible. Just sucking on my black bra-busting tits wouldn't be enough. Eating me out as I verbally tore her down was just the tip of the iceberg.... more

Jada Fire from Gloryhole-Initiations.com


Jada Fire

Rating: 9.10

Jada Fire is no stranger to going above and beyond when it comes to getting the biggest of dicks off. She's going to test herself once again by visiting a restroom so vile that even the homeless won't sleep there at night. It's the kind of place that your heart sinks the moment you walk in and your nose inhales the fumes of debauchery past. Once she gets herself situated she's ... more

Jada Fire & Kimberly Kane from ZebraGirls.com


Jada Fire & Kimberly Kane

Rating: 8.35

You're about to see a pretty white girl get demolished right before your eyes. She reminds me of all the white girls who think they have black friends but really talk shit behind their back. It's been a while since I've had my filling of white pussy and Kimberly Kane looks damn good to me. I hope she has enough spit in her to get my black strap on drenched or she might end up d... more

Jada Fire from CumBang.com


Jada Fire

Rating: 9.18

Our services have reached all over. Today we were slow but luckily Jada Fire's relationship troubles were our gain! Jada scared the shit out of us the moment we came across her. The anger is visible in her eyes and the drool was running out of her mouth the second she swallowed all of our big white Redneck cocks. Her black husband had a good woman and fucked it all up by sticki... more

Jada Fire & Shanya Knight from ZebraGirls.com


Jada Fire & Shanya Knight

Rating: 8.24

I've had so much big black dick that I want to dive into some lesbian play and a white girl is on the menu. My girlfriends told me about super German slut, Shayna Knight, and her love for black pussy. If I could only get her to be my submissive slut then we'd be in business. She couldn't keep her hands off my big black tits and her pussy was getting wetter and wetter the longer... more

Jada Fire & Roxy Jezel from ZebraGirls.com


Jada Fire & Roxy Jezel

Rating: 8.34

Hi boys, I'm Roxy Jeze from the merry old land of England. I came to this country in search of big black dicks but was in for a rude awakening. The only black dick I'd get shoved up my ass would be straped onto a sexy black girl with the fattest tits I've ever seen. Her name is Jada Fire and she's introducing me to the world of black cock worship....even if it's plastic. I was ... more

Jada Fire & Angelica Sin from ZebraGirls.com


Jada Fire & Angelica Sin

Rating: 8.16

Take a good look at Angelica Sin. She's got fat titties, a big white ass, and puffy lips. She's got all the things that drive my black men crazy but there's no dick on today's menu. I got one good look at her and I knew she'd crumble like a house of playing cards once I sank my teeth into her. With my black strap on in hand I tore into this snow bunny and something tells me she... more

Jada Fire & Ciera Sage from ZebraGirls.com


Jada Fire & Ciera Sage

Rating: 8.33

Ciera Sage looks like the kind of white girl who's constantly stealing black men from us black women. Revenge is a motherfucker and Ciera Sage is going to be my white bitch. Her interracial past is limited but my wet black pussy will be her snack food. This white girl could suck a mean black clit and my eyes were rolling in the back of my head. I made her worship my enormous bl... more

Jada Fire & Kara Knox from ZebraGirls.com


Jada Fire & Kara Knox

Rating: 8.36

When I'm not dominating young white girls I'm tearing up white milfs who love their coffee black. Kara Nox is one of the whitest bitches I've ever seen with tits that must make her bras work overtime. I knew I'd be in for a treat if I could get my hands on the white milf who has limited experience with divas like me. The rules were simple: I make the rules and that's it. She ag... more

Jada Fire & Trinity James from ZebraGirls.com


Jada Fire & Trinity James

Rating: 8.33

This was my first time dabbling in lesbian play and it won't be my last . I thought Jada Fire would be more sensitive since she's a woman as well but I was put through a major fucking until I saw stars. It started off innocently enough; we were making out and feeling each other up. Her big black tits dwarfed my sizeable rack and this veteran of interracial porn was about to bri... more

Jada Fire & Sharon Wilde from ZebraGirls.com


Jada Fire & Sharon Wilde

Rating: 8.38

Sharon Wild lived up to her name since she was able to walk away from our little "love making" evening. She let me do things to her that I almost feel guilty for....almost. She didn't complain when I used her face as a garage for my black strap on. I thought she would bitch a little when I turned her over and went pelvis to pelvis with her. Sharon obviously had a track record ... more

Jada Fire & Tyla Wynn from ZebraGirls.com


Jada Fire & Tyla Wynn

Rating: 8.31

I've fucked plenty of black guys in my short life but I had to see what all the rage was about dominant black pussy. I'm normally strictly black dickly but there's something about the sensitivity of a woman that peaked my interest. I met up with Jada Fire whose huge fucking tits are as big as mine. The minute she started barking orders is when I knew this would be no ordinary l... more

Jada Fire & Rio Mariah from ZebraGirls.com


Jada Fire & Rio Mariah

Rating: 8.18

I thought I was the most dominant bitch there is until I crossed paths with Jada Fire. I've eaten my share of pussy but the thing they all had in common was they submitted to my every wish. Jada Fire would have none of that and the shoe would be on the other foot. I got a sore throat from the face fucking she made me give her black strap on. I've never been dominated like this ... more

Jada Fire & Nadia Sinn from ZebraGirls.com


Jada Fire & Nadia Sinn

Rating: 8.24

My girlfriends tease me about wanting to have a lesbian evening with a black girl as she dominates me the way I need it. I broke off a dinner date with them so I could meet up with Jada Fire. Words is Jada takes no shit from her white slaves and I would be no different. She didn't even say "hi" as she came in the room and immediately took over the situation. She got me to my kn... more

Black Girl Conversion from SpringThomas.com


Black Girl Conversion

Rating: 8.83

Hi Boys...and Girls! Why girls? Well, it seems lots of my members are girls, and I've been getting some great e-mails from them. Things like: "Dear Spring, my whiteboy is packing 5 full inches so I connect with you girlfriend! Keep up fucking those huge black guys! And please, please, please...can I be the next white girl you convert?" OR ELSE the e-mails sound like this: "Dear... more

The Lost Update from SpringThomas.com


The Lost Update

Rating: 8.80

Hi Boys & Girls! I've got a funny story for you! My minions were working very hard last week, figuring out which hot scene to show you for this week's update, when one of them stumbled upon a scene that was shot a long, long time ago! How fun!! We forgot it even existed! I was still barely-legal, and my braces had *just* come off. It's only the second time I was with Boz, and a... more

Train My Butt Part I from SpringThomas.com


Train My Butt Part I

Rating: 8.80

Hi Boys and Girls! You know what Monday means at Springworld...a brand new update! And I think at least some of you are going to like what goes down this week. See, I had my friend Jada bring her friend Lacey to a sleep-over. You know how girls love to talk on a girl's night, and that's exactly what happened...but during our night long chat session, I made the mistake of saying... more


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