Jenna Foxx on Dogfart Network

Jenna Foxx from

Jenna Foxx

Rating: 9.42

With Father's Day just past, we'd like to share with you a touching story of what might be the most-excellent gift ever bestowed upon a dad by his loving son! Enter James, who's been dating Jenna Foxx for a while now. And there's James's dad, reading a book...and leering at his son's piece of ass pretty much ever since they started going out! Jenna and James know this, and tod... more

Chanell Heart, Jenna Foxx & Khloe Kapri from

Chanell Heart, Jenna Foxx & Khloe Kapri

Rating: 8.57

Khloe Kapri is your typical college student. She works hard for good grades, has a boyfriend, and studies a lot. Jenna Foxx has a class with Khloe, and as you probably imagine, Jenna's been wanting to get a piece of Khloe ever since she laid eyes on her! Did I mention Jenna has a roommate named Chanell? Chanell and Jenna love to bang hot chicks, and you know once Jenna told Cha... more

Jenna Foxx from

Jenna Foxx

Rating: 9.15

Jenna Foxx paid a visit to what she calls a "bestie"...but, in reality, he's a fuck buddy. She was feeling horny and found a sexy outfit to surprise him with, but it was Jenna who was surprised! When she arrived, a bunch of dudes were huddled around a big-screen TV, and they were watching a porno! Not just any kind of porn, was a girl blowing a bunch of guys! Jenna ... more

Julia Ann from

Julia Ann

Rating: 9.04

Everyone knows the crazy Liberals run the colleges and universities, and if you don't believe us, just take a look at Dr. Julia Ann. She runs the Women's Studies Program at the local, liberal arts college, and she's world-renowned professor. Dr. Julia Ann has had many publications -- both in books and scholarly magazines; in fact, she's so popular girls from all over the world ... more

Chanell Heart & Jenna Foxx from

Chanell Heart & Jenna Foxx

Rating: 8.96

Chanell Heart and Jenna Foxx are a couple. Chanell is bi; Jenna is gay. Chanell feels that she might be able to "turn" Jenna straight! All it's gonna take is a big, white dick. Enter Criss Strokes, one of Chanell's fuck buddies. Listen as Chanell coaxes Criss over to fuck both of them silly. It really doesn't take much to get Criss to come over, does it? Once in their bedroom, ... more

Natalia Starr, Jenna Foxx and Kira Noir from

Natalia Starr, Jenna Foxx and Kira Noir

Rating: 8.84

Congratulations! You're about to be a fly on the wall and watch three lovely ladies getting ready for a bridal shower! Natalia Starr is preparing for her Big Day, and her "besties" Kira Noir and Jenna Foxx are there to help pick out clothes for the shower, as well as clothes for her honeymoon! Will it be the skimpy, red lingerie in which she fucks hubby...or the see-thru one-pi... more

Jenna Foxx from

Jenna Foxx

Rating: 9.11

Chad White's figured it out. Rent a house in an expensive neighborhood. Make sure it's super sweet. Then place an ad on the internet. Make it a casting call. When the girls show up, tell them it's your place, have them sing or dance or act, then tell them what they've heard over and over and over: "thanks for your time, I'll get a hold of you...don't call me." Sure, it's the ol... more

Jenna Foxx BTS from BehindTheScenes

Jenna Foxx BTS

Rating: 9.13

Jenna Foxx recently visited the Dogfart Network for Number 7: she's been Cumbanged, one of the Zebra Girls, and this is her third time back to We Fuck Black Girls...and, as they say, the third time's the charm! It's the very first -- and perhaps last? -- time Jenna will perform a double penetration scene, and Dogfart director Billy Watson caught up with Jenna right before she stepped up ... more

Chanell Heart Jenna Foxx Khloe Kapri BTS from BehindTheScenes

Chanell Heart Jenna Foxx Khloe Kapri BTS

Rating: 9.13

Everyone loves lesbians, so today Billy Watson is spending some time with three lovely ladies -- Khloe Kapri, Jenna Foxx and Chanell Heart -- for this episode of Behind the Scenes with the Dogfart Network. Since Khloe is making her Dogfart Network Debut with this scene for Zebra Girls, Billy started with a "Khloe Kapri Primer / 101" -- where's Khloe from? Her education? Previous work be... more

Jenna Foxx BTS from BehindTheScenes

Jenna Foxx BTS

Rating: 10.00

We decided to change things up for this segment of BTS for The Dogfart Network! We usually interview the actors on set, but today, you're about to become a "fly on the wall" and watch a photoshoot with the lovely Jenna Foxx! This isn't just any photoshoot, either. Today, Jenna's attempting to break the long-standing record for most dudes blown on a Dogfart set! The previous record, held ... more

Julia Ann Honey & Gold Jenna Foxx BTS from BehindTheScenes

Julia Ann Honey & Gold Jenna Foxx BTS

Rating: 8.43

What happens when you cast an AVN Hall-of-Fame performer with a couple of new starlets? We brought Julia Ann for her return to the Dogfart Network with Jenna Foxx and Honey Gold. How nervous was Honey before her interracial lesbian scene? Honey goes into detail about her nerves and what she's expecting by working with a legend. Next, we find Julia Ann giving some advice to both Honey and... more

Chanell Heart & Jenna Foxx BTS from BehindTheScenes

Chanell Heart & Jenna Foxx BTS

Rating: 8.75

What happens when you get three top performers on set together? We've already shot Jenna Foxx. Chanell Heart? She's done all our black girl sites. However, the feedback was so great for both, we had to get them together! We're giving you an up-close look at the preparation that goes on prior to a Dogfart shoot. Chanell and Jenna let their co-star, Criss Strokes, know their limits prior t... more

Natalia Starr, Jenna Foxx, Kira Noir BTS from BehindTheScenes

Natalia Starr, Jenna Foxx, Kira Noir BTS

Rating: 8.75

The last time we spoke to Jenna Foxx, she was discussing her infatuation with MILF's and Cougars. The ebony slut then shows off custom pajama bottoms that were made by a fan and proving her love of mature women. Then she shows off her amazing ass while Natalia Starr is in make-up. Jenna goes into great detail about her first relationship with a MILF and their significant age gap. Natalia... more

Jenna Foxx BTS from BehindTheScenes

Jenna Foxx BTS

Rating: 8.75

She's a self-proclaimed "lover of MILF's." She's ebony beauty Jenna Foxx, and she's making her Dogfart Network debut! We begin in the bathroom discussing why she prefers mature women. Did she lose her virginity to a guy or woman? And what were the circumstances? We continue our interview when her co-star Chad White arrives. Both performers embrace and Jenna tells Chad how much she prefer... more


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