Lexi Kartel on Dogfart Network

Lexi Kartel from CuckoldSessions.com


Lexi Kartel

Rating: 6.83

The wrong side of town is where the right thing is about to happen to Lexi Kartel. The immediate need for "party favors" has Lexi bringing her spineless boyfriend to the worst-of-the-worst cities. The boyfriend is about to score when he's busted by the undercover cop. Lexi, knowing that he's always been a few donuts short of a dozen, isn't completely surprised that he's fucked ... more

Lexi Kartel & Tara Star from WatchingMyMomGoBlack.com


Lexi Kartel & Tara Star

Rating: 9.34

Tara Star has raised her daughter to be a good girl...or so she thought. While running errands Tara Star gets the mother-of-all-phone-calls informing her that her daughter, Lexi Kartel, has been seen with a black guy in their house. Faster than you can say "speeding ticket", Tara races home to find her little angel in the act of locking her lips around a huge black cock. Family... more

Lexi Kartel & Maserati XXX from GloryHole.com


Lexi Kartel & Maserati XXX

Rating: 9.45

It's never a good idea to be on the bad side of Maserati XXX. Lexi is feeling major peer pressure and Maserati is full of bad intentions. What better way to fuck with a white girl than to take her to a gloryhole that's known to contain anonymous black cock? Maserati is merely an evil spectator in this fiasco as Lexi Kartel is served up a double helping of anonymous black cock. ... more

Lexi Kartel from BlacksOnBlondes.com


Lexi Kartel

Rating: 9.21

Lexi Kartel's from the south and has come to us for her first interracial scene. We didn't hesitate to call over Lexington Steele in order for him to baptise this whore into the world of interracial porn. Lexi's initial nervousness slowly , but surely, disappeared once the cameras started rolling. Those panties came off almost as fast as her bra. Lex brought out his huge black ... more

Lexi Kartel BTS from BehindTheScenes

CuckoldSessions.com BehindTheScenes

Lexi Kartel BTS

Rating: 9.14

Lexi Kartel's smoking and shooting the breeze with us just makes her that much more attractive. I fought back a potential asthma attack while Lexi and I spoke about her leap into porn.... more

Lexi Kartel and Tara Star BTS from BehindTheScenes

WatchingMyMomGoBlack.com BehindTheScenes

Lexi Kartel and Tara Star BTS

Rating: 10.00

We spent some time with mother and daughter right before they took on a huge black cock. What's something else they have in common BESIDES their love for interracial sex? That would have to be the great set of tits that Tara Star passed down to her daughter. ... more

Lexi Kartel Maserati XXX BTS from BehindTheScenes

GloryHole.com BehindTheScenes

Lexi Kartel Maserati XXX BTS

Rating: 9.67

Lexi Kartel lost her virginity in a strange, odd place. We nearly dropped the camera from all the insane shit that came from Lexi's mouth. This slutty blonde pulls no punches in her views and we have a feeling that we were lucky to leave with our testicles in tact. ... more

Lexi Kartel BTS from BehindTheScenes

BlacksOnBlondes.com BehindTheScenes

Lexi Kartel BTS

Rating: 10.00

Lexi Kartel's what you'd call "fresh meat" to the interracial game. Lexi's vertical smile has only known the horrors of white cock but that's changing with today's encounter with Lexington Steele. Lexi's nerves get put at ease with the kind words of the legendary swordsman.... more


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