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Nikki Anne & Jordin Skye from

Nikki Anne & Jordin Skye

Rating: 8.49

Nikki Anne had some balls shit talking me while the bitch was in make-up. We were both up for the same modeling job and little Ms. Conceited thought she had it in the bag. I love it when white girls think their shit don't stink and it was my job to bring her down to earth. After dragging her to the shoot I tore her down with a tongue lashing that only black guys really get. No ... more

Nikki Anne from

Nikki Anne

Rating: 6.91

My boyfriend and I were looking for some warehouse space. We came across the landlord, a chiseled black stud who made me think more of fucking his black cock then of any property renting. My pathetic boyfriend tried hammering out a deal but I was more interested in big black cock hammering my neglected white pussy. He had a front row seat to witness the main event of his bored ... more

Nikki Anne from

Nikki Anne

Rating: 8.55

This scene starts out with Poor Nikki Anne looking for her lost dog. As fate would often have it, (at least on BoB), she runs in to 3 black dudes who are only too quick to offer to help. But we all know where this help leads to. Directly into her pants! Before Nikki know it, she is knee deep in black dick, and they proceed to show her they are in fact dogs themselves as they ... more

Nikki Anne from

Nikki Anne

Rating: 9.05

Nikki Anne One thing Nikki likes it's a dickki, especially a hard one attached to a black stranger. Once she gets inside the privacy of this nasty bathroom, it's time to get her clothes off, and warm up her yummy pussy for a hoped-for encounter with her favorite...a big black cock! When it does appear, she devours it in a flourish of cocksucking that would make a dead guy spr... more


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