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Mackenzie Moss and Penny Pax from

Mackenzie Moss and Penny Pax

Rating: 9.65

Mackenzie is just about to go off to college. All her clothes are packed and it’s her last night at home. Her Step-Mom Penny comes in to check on her and has some useful life wisdom to pass down to her daughter that Penny received from her mom the night before she left for college. Mackenzie is eager to get all the help she can, even if it means blurring the lines a bit and m... more

Penny Pax and Maddy O'Reilly from

Penny Pax and Maddy O'Reilly

Rating: 9.57

Penny Pax and Maddy O'reilly pretty much wrote the book on being black cock sluts. Maddy finds herself in the middle of a lunch date when Penny calls her over to a filthy glory hole. Maddy's eyes light up when she finds out that her bff wasn't bullshitting--it's an actual glory hole where big black cocks come to play with white chicks. Maddy and Penny take turns sucking on that... more

Penny Pax from

Penny Pax

Rating: 9.42

Penny Pax's impatient and it shows the very second she's out of the make-up room. Penny didn't care to keep 13 big black cocks waiting anymore....and she got right to work. The slutty white bitch goes down the line of usual suspects, teasing an all,right before dropping to her knees and servicing her superior black masters. One by one Penny goes down the line of black guys who ... more

Jamie Jackson from

Jamie Jackson

Rating: 9.40

The ingredients needed for an extreme interracial gangbang are as follows: Mix one black cock slut who lives on the wild side with several huge black cocks.....while blindfolded throughout the entire ordeal. Jamie Jackson wanted us to wrangle some big black cocks for her enjoyment but didn't want to know their identity (or be able to see them). We , much like Santa, granted her... more

Penny Pax from

Penny Pax

Rating: 9.64

Sin City has never seen debauchery quite like what we just shot. Beautiful Penny Pax is in dream land when Charlie Mac and Richard Mann enter the picture. What happens next borders on perversion and creepiness. Penny is felt up, while sleeping, and Charlie and Richard treat her to an awesome morning call the minute she wakes up. Penny welcomes a double dose of black morning wo... more

Penny Pax from

Penny Pax

Rating: 7.15

Warning :This scene is not for the faint of heart. Penny Pax is in the middle of treating a white cuckold (kinda redundant, right?) like a piece of shit and face fucking him with her huge strap-on. The master of humiliating cuckolds,Shane Diesel, enters the picture and our sick tale takes an interesting turn. The cuckold , complete with a butt plug in his ass, watches as Penny ... more

Sindy Lange and Penny Pax from

Sindy Lange and Penny Pax

Rating: 9.53

This mother and daughter field trip is an unusual one.Penny Pax is trying to bait her mother, Sindy Lange, into adding some spice to her life. Sindy is about to show her daughter that she's no stick-in-the-mud and Penny's going to have a hell of a tale to tell her kids one day. Sindy goes to the extreme by taking her daughter with her to an adult arcade. Penny and Sindy are at ... more

Penny  Pax from

Penny Pax

Rating: 9.16

The power of the Gloryhole has brought Penny Pax to its altar. Penny has curly , blond hair and tits........those tits defy definition. If all we had was the vision of Penny as she masturbated to interracial porn then we'd be happy enough. However, we're not going to find an tame shit with Penny Pax. A couple black strangers have interrupted her viewing party and Penny's tasteb... more

Mackenzie Moss & Penny Pax BTS from BehindTheScenes

Mackenzie Moss & Penny Pax BTS

Rating: 9.13

Penny Pax has been around Dogfart since she started Porn and she’s grown into quite the MILF! She has no intention of stopping anytime soon, which is great for us! Mackenzie is a fresh face, only in porn for about 5 months and hailing from Upstate NY. She moved cross country to LA with only a suitcase, a degree in biology and desire to shoot dirty movies and thinks it’s the best deci... more

Penny Pax and Maddy O'Reilly BTS from BehindTheScenes

Penny Pax and Maddy O'Reilly BTS

Rating: 8.90

There were tons of things we wanted to ask Penny and Maddy right before their scene together. Speaking to both veterans is always a treat and you'll see why. ... more

Penny Pax BTS from BehindTheScenes

Penny Pax BTS

Rating: 9.77

Penny Pax's return to our network included 13 big black cocks for her consumption. We spoke to Penny before she wolfed down all those black cocks and after they all hosed her down with their creamy goodness. Enjoy the marvel that is Penny Pax. ... more

Jamie Jackson BTS from BehindTheScenes

Jamie Jackson BTS

Rating: 9.94

Jamie Jackson was EXTREMELY nervous before her interracial gang bang went down. We spoke to her before the blindfold went over her eyes and black cocks in her pussy. Jamie Jackson talks about being a slut....but what happens next will morph her into a black cock slut.... more

Penny Pax BTS from BehindTheScenes

Penny Pax BTS

Rating: 9.89

Penny Pax defines the word "slut." We recently shot Penny and she got extremely comfortable during the interview. Richard Mann- who was watching- had to jump in and sample the goods before the actual scene began. Penny sucked his big black cock while some white boys watched in astonishment.... more

Penny Pax BTS from BehindTheScenes

Penny Pax BTS

Rating: 9.58

Have you ever wondered what goes on before a scene takes place? We get Slut Bottom Chris, Shane Deisel and Penny Pax to shoot the breeze right before some shenanigans go down. Chris talks about stuff he brings to set and Penny shows us her ass. ... more

Sindy Lange Penny Pax BTS from BehindTheScenes

Sindy Lange Penny Pax BTS

Rating: 9.27

Sindy Lange and Penny Pax are never at a loss for words- especially when it comes to fucking on camera. Sindy Lange talks about fucking fat guys and Penny dives into the allure of interracial sex.... more

Penny Pax BTS from BehindTheScenes

Penny Pax BTS

Rating: 8.53

Look up the word "masochist" and Penny Pax's face will be right there. We caught up with Penny and she told us about her love for pain. We aren't kidding when we say that this bitch is hardcore and extreme. We tested Penny by taking her to the gloryhole.... more


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