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Sindy Lange from

Sindy Lange

Rating: 8.97

Sindy Lange is a married woman whose husband gets his rocks off in an unusual manner: He loves listening to her fuck OTHER guys. You read that right- Sindy Lange fucks other dudes while her husband watches or listens in. Sindy is prowling for some anonymous black cock as the sun shines and reflects on her wedding ring. A public restroom is where her smartphone's speaker is abou... more

Sindy Lange and Penny Pax from

Sindy Lange and Penny Pax

Rating: 9.55

This mother and daughter field trip is an unusual one.Penny Pax is trying to bait her mother, Sindy Lange, into adding some spice to her life. Sindy is about to show her daughter that she's no stick-in-the-mud and Penny's going to have a hell of a tale to tell her kids one day. Sindy goes to the extreme by taking her daughter with her to an adult arcade. Penny and Sindy are at ... more

Sindy Lange from

Sindy Lange

Rating: 8.70

What do you get when you mix a naughty 28 year old married women, her hubby's 4" cock, some sexual frustration and a craving for dark men? The answer... Sindy Lange. Sindy came to us begging for something over 6". We laughed, and told her we would super size that order. So we bring in Boz the Animal, and let him work Sindy harder than any Spinning Session she has ever been too.... more

Sindy Lange from

Sindy Lange

Rating: 8.03

There aren't enough words to describe the fiasco Sindy Lange went through courtesy of the glory hole. She walked in with all her clothes on but left looking like a filthy mess. What happened in between will be the subject of a ton of debate. Apparently, Sindy Lange had to let loose of her bladder but another organ was on display: An enormous black dick. This busty beauty chose ... more

Sindy Lange Creampie from

Sindy Lange Creampie

Rating: 9.18

7 months pregnant! Only 2 more months to go before I can hold my precious black baby in my arms! Byron is back to try to knock-up my good friend, Sindy Lange. She's such a hot little blonde tramp. Byron is so big he practically split her in two when he shot his seed way up into her tiny pink pussy.... more

Sindy Lange from

Sindy Lange

Rating: 8.60

Sindy Lange is a total slut who likes to charge white men an entry fee into her pink hole. Today's fee for Black Dick was zero. As in nada. As in for free. Why charge for pleasure? Only for work do we charge! Today's 10 inches of pleasure did quite a number on both of us. I had Sindy Slut lick it, and clean in, and stuff it into her pink hole, and I did the same. We loved it!! ... more

Sindy Lange from

Sindy Lange

Rating: 3.65

The blank stare on Sindy Lange's face meant that I was about to fight an uphill battle. She's another potential porn slut that doesn't seem to know that to make it in this business you gotta follow a few rules.First, show up on time. Next, bring your test so my massive cock doesn't ooze the next morning or fall off. Finally, don't appear like I'm fucking a corpse since having p... more

Sindy Lange BTS from BehindTheScenes

Sindy Lange BTS

Rating: 9.18

We catch Sindy Lange in the middle of talking to her husband on the phone. Sindy and her man are the Bonnie and Clyde of swingers: they do just about everything! Sindy talks to us about the insane kind of shit they both do as well as showing us her tits. ... more

Sindy Lange Penny Pax BTS from BehindTheScenes

Sindy Lange Penny Pax BTS

Rating: 9.27

Sindy Lange and Penny Pax are never at a loss for words- especially when it comes to fucking on camera. Sindy Lange talks about fucking fat guys and Penny dives into the allure of interracial sex.... more


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